Veteran Statistics

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    Total Veterans in the US

    There is a total of 20.2 Million Veterans in the U.S. of which only 1.3 million are disabled as of 2020.

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    Percentage of Veterans rated above 30% disability.

    There is still a very low number of Veterans at just 30% in the US who are service connected and disabled Veterans.

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    Percentage of Veterans rated below 30% disability.

    At a staggering 73% of Veterans rated below 73% in the US we want to change that. Become a part of the Strategic journey.

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    Percentage of awarded psychological claims.

    87% of Veterans in the US have been awarded psychological claims \ranging from 90-100% disability.

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    Percentage of awarded medical claims.

    Just 13% of awarded medical claims have been awarded to Veterans with medical conditions ranging from 90% to 100%.

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