Life Coaching Services

Let us be your guide to your success.

Our certified Life Coaching services will get you on track.
As a Strategic Member you will have access to these services as we wait for a VA claim submission result.

What does a Life Coach do exactly? Great question! Here are just a few main points how our Life Coaching services can assist you as we continue to engage with you as we await for a VA claim decision.


Is similar to a Personal Trainer which we also provide except they help you reach your LIFE GOALS. This means that the number one mission is to motivate and inspire YOU to reach the goals you may have already set out to do yourself.

During these times through out the pandemic most of us have been either quarantined, ill to the virus or have possibly been experiencing set backs in reaching our financial, family and professional goals.


Helps you strategize by asking the most important questions relative to you and your goals. This helps ensure you set a strategic, effective and focused pathway towards your goals.

It’s all about GOALS. Our SPECIFIC goal is to assist Veterans. At Strategic our niche is YOU. Our Veteran community is our top priority.


Keeps in contact with you and makes sure you hold yourself accountable. With constant encouragement and reminders you CAN reach your goals. We are motivated by communication, listening to you and constantly motivating you.


“A GOAL without a strategic plan is only a wish.”

– Rick Peña
Certified Life Coach