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What does Strategic VA Claims and Compensation LLC cost?

Instead of charging Veterans thousands of dollars to access our proprietary resources up-front, we decided to make these resources FREELY available to those who join our membership program, and you only pay AFTER you win your VA disability claim AND get a higher VA rating. If you don’t win your claim and get a higher rating, you don’t owe us a dime. If you do win and get a higher rating, our standard fee is three times (3x) the monthly increase. For example, if your VA rating before utilizing our services is 50% at $1,000 per month, and your rating after utilizing our services is 90% at $2,000 per month, your membership fee would be 3x the monthly increase, or ($2,000-$1,000) = ($1,000 x 3) = $3,000. In this example, if the lump sum option is selected, the total owed would be $3,000-$300 (10% discount) = $2,700. You can also choose our no interest monthly payment plan, which in this example, would be $250 per month for 12 months at no interest.

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Save with Us

Our services are strategic at a more than fair price at only three times the difference of your winning claim. Several leading claim services will bill you times six. We are not about the bells and whistles, the “Booms”, noise and “Bams.” We are a Strategic and professional service who offers results.

We’re Not Just About VA Claims

Strategic will offer complimentary calls via Zoom or phone for Life Coaching and Health and Fitness and Nutrition Consultations. One 45 minute call of each service will be rendered while we wait on your claim results.

Small Investments Go a Long Way

Remember this journey and small investment is a tax free plan for you and your family for good. Along the way you will be consulted on all of our other services we offer as a valued Veteran.